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The herbarium, a garden in a notebook. Flowers and leaves are carefully laid out in the unfolding of the pages, like botanical annotations that freeze images, places, colours, feelings, memories and emotions in time. The natural chromatic variations deriving from the cyclical life of plants give life to ever new forms, new colours, new chromatic spaces, new expressions. Massimo Gardone’s chromatic research issues from interpreting the ceaseless mutations of nature, from investigating the countless transformations of colour, and materializes in a true vegetable collection. Colours and their endless possible shades are the major protagonists of this collection. From the exploratory voyage of the Herbarium project there emerges a polychromatic universe made by 11 tables. Three of them have then become an integral part of a research from which designer Luca Nichetto started in order to define three colour palettes – warm, cold and neutral – used for different materials and fabrics in the new collection.

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