Nightflowers A new research on flowers. Exhibited at Due Piani Gallery, Pordenone. Still life 80  x 80 cm.  
Piccoli mari tascabili – Tiny seas
Piccoli mari tascabili – Tiny seas Tiny seas, oxygen to the soul. #Bonjour #PiccoiMariTascabili
HerbariumProject The herbarium, a garden in a notebook. Flowers and leaves are carefully laid out in the unfolding of the pages, like botanical annotations that...
Natural Flags
Natural Flags A visual project exploring tones and shades. Petals and leaves become stripes forming natural flags. Typical of the Karst plateau, sumach leaves...
Black Flowers
Black Flowers Fine art giclée printed on Photo Rag® 308 gsm, 100% Cotton, 42 x 59.4 cm, limited edition.
PinHole A tribute to the origins of photography: these pictures are rarefied and nondescript, yet evocative and imaginative. Made with pinholes, they have...
DrugFlowers A research on seeds and plants aimed at expressing the idea of balance, harmony, the blending or the contrast between these two elements. Fine art...
Dark Flowers
Dark Flowers Fine art giclée prints on 100% cotton paper. Exhibited in a solo show at the Minimal gallery in Triest. Some of these works have become...
Blanc Blanc has been an ongoing personal research since 2002 and develops between artistic practice and decorative applications in the design sector.
Omini – Little world
Omini – Little world These snapshots speak of everyday attitudes, actions and objects. Polaroid SX70. Casting Preiser Figurines.
Roses A visual interpretation, a tribute to roses and their variety. Giclée prints mounted on aluminium, 116 x 156 cm.
ChromoFlowers Sublimation print on fabric. Limited edition, 150 x 150 cm. “Flowers”, one man exhibition at the Chiusa museum (BZ).
Herbarium Officinal and non-officinal plants, objective view. Giclée print, 30x45 cm.
Skylight Installation made for the exhibition “Corrispondenze" at the Revoltella Museum in Triest
POP_Flowers Floral shapes exploding with colour. Giclée print, 100 x 100 cm. Some of these pictures have been used by Vivaceramica for their Last Dance tiles...
Campi Snapshots, exploded Polaroids. Lambda prints, 82 x 100 cm, Lumas limited edition.
Kitchen – objects
Kitchen – objects Digital pictures inspired by Rayograms and Photogenic Drawings. The objects partly lose their physicality to make room for glowing signs. Some of...
PolaTransfer Creative manipulation of 20 x 25 Polaroid prints transferred onto cotton paper, size 50 x 70 cm. A number of these one-offs have been selected for...