Primavera 2023 – Our flowers for this edition of “in primavera a trieste” (Graphic Design: M. Schiozzi / Comunicarte)

Saro Cosentino – Delighted to see my photo on the cover of The Road to Now, the new album of Saro Cosentino

Diorami “La Luce del Vento” – Our last project has been posted on Corriere della Sera. You can find our Dioramas at Spazio Cavana di Zinelli&Perizzi.

Nile – The new sophisticated sculptural Foscarini lamp that blends contrasting elements in a dynamic composition of volumes is on Design di Repubblica! Designed by Roberto Dordoni. Graphic design by Designwork 

Trieste mon amour – It was such a pleasure being on the cover and the author of the portfolio of IES Trieste Lifestyle. Beauty will save the world.

L’alba dentro l’imbrunire – Meeting Franco Battiato in his home in 2019 was one of the most touching moment of my whole life. I took some photos that you can find in this magic book: “L’alba dentro l’imbrunire. Una storia illustrata di Franco Battiato” [a cura di Francesco Messina e Stefano Senardi, Rizzoli Lizard, 2021]

Enchanted World – such an honor being in Tord Boontje‘s book with Sun Light lamp. His world is enchanted indeed.

Dedica 2021 – Our leaf for the new manifesto of Dedica 2021 (Graphic Design: Roberto Duse / Roberta Carrara / Michela Franceschini)

nel giardino del doge manin 2021 – Our flowers for the next edition of “nel giardino del doge manin” (Graphic Design: M. Schiozzi / Comunicarte)

Punta Conterie – My viewpoint for Murano in Focus, the exhibition that can be visited until 4th September 2021 at Punta Conterie, is a part of this unconventional artistic project. Three exhibitions in one for a concerted look that is also a great tribute to Murano

Galleria Arcipèlago – It was a pleasure being part of this journey. Waiting for the next exhibition! Thanks to Galleria Arcipelago

Something new is coming! Thanks to Punta Conterie (Murano) e Arcipèlago (Udine)

Foscarini Birdie Easy//Bump  – The “old photos” new project we made on Bridgeman’s Images archive for Foscarini is going everywhere! And we’re flattered!

Foscarini Candeliere 2020 – Resistance was the keyword of this Foscarini’s candleholder edition: In life, there are times when we have to choose how to put reality into focus, whether to gaze at our immediately surroundings or into infinite space, deciding where to sharpen our scrutiny and where to let things stay blurry (C. Urbinati)

“We travelled with our imagination”

Blu oltre il mare – It was a short-term but very nice exhibition at mu/ca. Our four favorite pinhole #bonjour in the middle of the only Italian museum dedicated to the shipbuilding industry

nel giardino del doge manin 2020 – Our flowers for the next edition of “nel giardino del doge manin” (Graphic Design: M. Schiozzi / Comunicarte)

Foscarini Collezioni Edizione – 3 The new catalogue Collezioni is out now, in a brand new interactive digital version. Graphic Design: Designwork

Primavera 2020 – Our flowers for this very peculiar edition of “In Primavera a Trieste” (Graphic Design: M. Schiozzi / Comunicarte)

Happy 2020

/fo•to•gra•fà•rio/ – 74 photographers for the new Craf fvg archive. Proud to be part of this exhibition (14/12/2019 – 30/01/2020)

Altri mari / Other seas – My project for Biennale di Architettura di Pisa, tempodacqua: a triptych composed of 3 vertical photos (1:2) in which, by overlapping the shots in a vertical view, the objective and the subjective merge and disperse, and that same sea becomes other seas

This week our flowers have been published on the biggest Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera 

Proud to be part of this new Foscarini‘s project: Metaphysica – an unexpected installation for London Design Festival (from 14/09/2019 to 22/09/2019 at Oneroom Gallery). Graphic design: Designwork

So proud to know that my project Wagashi Wall Lamp made for Foscarini is now at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Canus wines – Our photos for Canus wines – the new brochure (Graphic Design: Martina Casonato)

Primavera/Spring – Our little blue soldiers for “Nel Giardino del Doge Manin” (Graphic Design: M. Schiozzi / Comunicarte)

L’atelier dei fiori / the book – The book launch was a success! Thanks to all of you for being there (ph. Giuliano Koren)

Illy – Season Greetings (illustrations: Olimpia Zagnoli)


Happy 2019!

BOMPIANI – New book Covers for classic Bompiani series. Graphic design: F. Messina Polystudio

L’atelier dei Fiori – Roberto Capucci’s clothes meet again Massimo Gardone’s photographs. An exhibition nearly born by chance, L’Atelier dei Fiori becomes reality thanks to a mutual inspiration between two artists sharing the same vision that allows them to overcome individual art languages. From 14th September 2018 till 14th February 2019, Museo della Moda e della Arti, Borgo Castello 13, Gorizia.

La Luce del Vento #piccolimaritascabili – Exhibition at Festival delle Eccezioni, Casperia, Italy

My photo for Apoteca Natura Profumo 1498 – the new fragrance by Serra&Fonseca

La Luce del Vento #piccolimaritascabili – Exhibition at Cappella Sforni, Lorenzana, Tuscany

Gelatoo is the porcelain and cork container for takeaway gelato that made its official preview at the 2018 Fuorisalone. Designed by Matteo Ragni

Abimis Kitchens Catalogue – Nature becomes minimalist, as the black and white contrast highlights the vegetables’ shapes. Graphic design: Designwork My look into the magic encounter between colour and light.

Milano Design Week – See you in Milan with Abimis, DnD, Ethimo, Foscarini, Gelatoo, InternoItaliano, Metalmobil, TonelliDesign, VeryWood. Thanks to A. Croatto / Designwork,  L. Sonnoli e I. Bacchi, T. Monaldi