La Luce del Vento #piccolimaritascabili – Exhibition at Cappella Sforni, Lorenzana, Tuscany

Gelatoo is the porcelain and cork container for takeaway gelato that made its official preview at the 2018 Fuorisalone. Designed by Matteo Ragni

Abimis Kitchens Catalogue – Nature becomes minimalist, as the black and white contrast highlights the vegetables’ shapes. Graphic design: Designwork My look into the magic encounter between colour and light.

Milano Design Week – See you in Milan with Abimis, DnD, Ethimo, Foscarini, Gelatoo, InternoItaliano, Metalmobil, TonelliDesign, VeryWood. Thanks to A. Croatto / Designwork,  L. Sonnoli e I. Bacchi, T. Monaldi

Bompiani – New Book Cover My peony for the new Tim Parks book In extremis – Italian edition. Graphic design: F. Messina/Polystudio


L’atelier dei Fiori – Roberto Capucci’s clothes meet Massimo Gardone’s photographs. An exhibition nearly born by chance, L’Atelier dei Fiori becomes reality thanks to a mutual inspiration between two artists sharing the same vision that allows them to overcome individual art languages. From 17th March 2018 till 20th May 2018, Sala Esposizioni di Villa Manin, Passariano (UD).

ItalianDesignDay – Tunis, 2018. “Wire” created for Wagahi Lamp (Design Luca Nichetto), has been selected for the “The sign of Photography” exhibition. Curator: Luciana Di Virgilio / Veneziano Team.



Illy Advertising – Featured on Coop’s magazine Fior Fiore 

Dedica Festival – The literary festival in Pordenone chose the poppy as the main image for the 2018 edition featuring French-Afghan writer Atiq Rahimi. Graphic design: R. Duse

IT’S Watch – The new Woman’s watch model with red strap launched for Valentine’s Day.

Metalmobil New Catalogue 2018 – From “The skilful and brilliant graphic project by Leonardo Sonnoli, one of the masters of international visual design, who for a year now has been helping redefining the image of our company, is powered by the collaboration with Massimo Gardone, author of a refined and original photographic reinterpretation campaign of our production: together, they created a true editorial project dedicated to presenting today, in 2018, the entire Metalmobil production line”

Hasselblad Masters  Finalist of the renowned Hasselblad Masters award 2018, Product Category.

Polaroid 8″ x 10″ –  Set out to rediscover the handicraft aspects of photography, shooting still lives of lamps with a view camera and instant b&w film. Video by Fabio Bressan shot on the Foscarini Maestrie set.

Illy Coffee –  Creating the settings for coffee break at the office

Anna Molinari Blumarine – Cover book. Rizzoli Publishing. Graphic Design L. Sonnoli, I. Bacchi

Apoteca Natura – Natural abstraction, a new project for Apoteca Natura.
Art direction: E. Squalizza e A. Magni.


Alice – Famous Italian singer Alice chose Black and Dark Flowers as background for her live set featuring Pasolini’s poems.

La Luppolaia – Art direction: Elena Squalizza

Illy Il Sogno del Caffè – Book cover. Original, refined images made using cymatics, a physical principle according to which sound waves, spreading through air, can influence matter. Coffee powder dances on a platform, fluctuating with slight, swift movements. Sounds, vibrations and jolts come to draw innovative pictures, kaleidoscopic geometries in endless evolution.

Between the Lines n+n corsino – Interactive choreographic movements. Photography direction: Massimo Gardone

La Luce del Vento #piccolimaritascabili – Exhibition at the White Box studio in San Teodoro, Sardinia.

Lino Tagliapietra Glass Ambition – Some of Venetian artist Lino Tagliapietra’s most extraordinary works are featured in this short clip. True masterpieces, with majestic and colourful patterns way beyond glassblowing craftsmanship. Video by Massimo Gardone/Fabio Bressan presented at Mallet Gallery, London.


Skylight – Installation made for the exhibition “Corrispondenze: Interventi d’arte contemporanea a colloquio con il Museo Revoltella”, Trieste, curated by Lorenzo Michelli and the museum’s director, Maria Masau Dan. In the installation, zenithal light seeping through the skylights on the ceiling flooded the pictures, turning them into an incessant play of opalescent glares. The asymmetrical geometries on the ceiling shattered the space, while the light projected onto the floor originated a germination of flowers. As if reflected in a pool of water, they gave us back the colour of the sky. Print on PVC.